Scout Programs

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum has a Girl Scout patch! Patch points are earned in a variety of ways - from participating in a Fun for Families program to visiting our Web site, to touring the museum or Historic RCA Studio B. Patch details are outlined below. You may also find information on the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee web site.  To earn a patch, Girl Scouts must visit the museum and accumulate the required number of activity points.




Daisies = two points

Brownies = three points

Juniors = four points

Cadettes = five points

Seniors = six points


Girl Scouts may complete any of the suggested activities in any combination until they have reached their required point goal.

Four-Point Activities

Participate in one of the following school programs to earn four points:

  • Making Waves at Studio B
    This program is conducted at Historic RCA Studio B, located on Music Row. Girl Scouts learn about Studio B's historical significance, studio design, and the three basic phases of recording: tracking, mixing, and mastering.
  • Cool Costumes
    This program highlights stage costumes from the museum's collection. After a guided tour of the exhibit, focusing on costume styles and their design details, Girl Scouts listen to a country song, identify its main idea, discuss its imagery, and then create costume designs inspired by the song.

Note: School programs are offered only in conjunction with a guided tour (except for Making Waves at Studio B) and only on weekdays.  A limited number of programs are available each week, and some programs require the completion of pre-visit lessons. These activities are ideal for Girl Scouts who attend the museum on a school field trip, or for troops planning activities for the summer or on school holidays. (See section Arranging Your Visit.)

Call the school programs coordinator at 615-416-2084 for more information or to make a reservation.

Two-Point Activities

Complete one activity from this section to earn two points:

1. Visit the museum and attend a public program:

  • Saturday Songwriter Session, Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.
    Songwriters perform their songs, share the stories behind their songs, discuss what it's like to be a songwriter, and answer audience questions.Included with museum admission.
  • Sunday Instrument Demonstration, Sundays at 1:00 p.m.
    Musicians demonstrate instruments, perform songs, discuss technique and history, and answer audience questions.Included with museum admission.

Special program

The museum offers a wide-variety of programs that expand the story of country music told in our exhibits. Formats include interviews, panel discussions, lectures, and concerts.

Girl Scouts are encouraged to tour the museum before or after the program. For a schedule of upcoming programs, please visit the museum's calendar. Call the public programs coordinator at 615-416-2017 for more information. All programs are subject to change.

2. Visit the museum and schedule a guided tour of Historic RCA Studio B

Historic RCA Studio B, located on Music Row, is the former recording home of Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, the Everly Brothers, and many others. Scouts learn about Studio B's historical significance and studio design. Groups of fifteen or more can arrange for a private tour. Tours are offered daily. Ticket prices vary. Call 615-416-2001 for more information.

3.  Visit the museum and participate in a Fun for Families program

Offered once per month on a Saturday, Fun for Families programs are youth-focused and many offer a hands-on experience. Program offerings range from hands-on musical instrument activities and concerts to dance workshops and recording experiences. Some programs require reservations, if space is limited. Most Fun for Families programs are free. Girl Scouts are encouraged to tour the museum before or after the program. For a schedule of upcoming programs, please visit the museum's calendar.

Call the public programs coordinator at 615-416-2017 for more information.  Some Fun for Families programs may involve additional costs. All programs are subject to change.

One-Point Activities

Complete one activity from this section to earn one point:

  • Over 100 people have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.Prior to your museum visit, select a Hall of Fame member from the museum's Web site then research that person using the Internet.During your museum visit, find the Hall of Fame member's plaque in the Rotunda. Also look for any artifacts in the museum's galleries that represent your subject (note: your selected Hall of Fame member might not have an artifact on display during your visit). Report your findings and research to your troop.
  • Attend the Grand Ole Opry or listen to a live broadcast at home. Radio station 650 WSM-AM has broadcast the program every Saturday night for over eighty years.The broadcast can also be heard live through WSM's web site ( and on XM Satellite Radio channel 10 and SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 62. Report back to the troop about what you saw or heard. Some questions to answer: Who did you hear performing? How is a Grand Ole Opry broadcast different from a regular radio broadcast? Where can you go to see the show in person? How would you describe the music that you heard?
  • During your visit to the museum, look at the different styles of costumes on display. As you walk through the exhibit, notice how styles change, but also notice that certain items, like hats and boots, remain popular. Using the costume templates on the museum's third floor education table, design a costume you would wear if you were a country star. Incorporate symbols that hold special meaning to you.

Arranging Your Visit:

The museum offers both self-guided and guided tours for Girl Scout troops. Self-guided tours can be arranged any day of the week during museum hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guided tours are available only on weekdays and must be arranged at least one month prior to the visit. A limited number of guided tours are given each day. To make a reservation, please call 615-416-2001.

Special Scout Admission Rates:

  • Patch: $1.00 (purchased at the Information Desk on-site.)
  • Museum admission: please call 615.577.7757 for more information.
  • Studio B Tour: $15.00 additional for scouts and adults. Cannot be purchased separately.
  • Hatch Show Print Tour: $15.00 additional for scouts and adults. Cannot be purchased separately.


Before Your Visit:

  1. Talk as a troop about what to expect from a visit to a museum. Discuss museums and the functions they serve in our community. What other museums have you visited? What did you learn from those visits?
  2. As a troop, discuss the patch requirements.
  3. Discuss your trip in detail: conduct, dress, food, spending money, etc.
  4. Encourage scouts to bring a pencil and a sketchpad to record the fun and interesting things they will see and hear during their visit.
  5. Go over the museum rules:
    1. Walk, never run, through the museum.
    2. Flash photography, videotaping, food, and drink are not allowed in the galleries in order to protect the artifacts and exhibit materials. We want them to last a long time.
    3. Groups should stay together when visiting the museum. It is always helpful to have a meeting place in case you do get separated.
    4. If you have questions, please ask a Visitor Services Representative. They are stationed on each floor.

At the Museum:

  1. Pick up a Visitors Guide at the information desk upon your arrival. It includes a map of the museum and the exhibits.
  2. Look for the special areas of the museum for children. Listening stations, hands-on children's activities, and a children's interactive computer program are located on the third floor.